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Welcome to Faisalabad

This Portal Site is being developed to provide a lot of useful information about Faisalabad. It forms part of a planned chain of Sites which will eventually encompass all major cities of Pakistan.

  We have a Forum where you can discuss all problems and issues relating to Faisalabad. Drop in and share your thoughts with us and other visitors.
:: Computers & Internet
  All about computer vendors, ISPs, etc...
:: Fashion & Apparel
  From boutiques and designer apparel to budget clothing, what is in and where do you get it...
:: Dining Out
  This section will include information about the various eating places in the twin cities. We hope to cover all tastes and cuisines...
:: Health & Fitness
  All about health and fitness; keeping fit, medical and dental facilities, doctors, chemists etc. Also, useful health related links...
:: Entertainment
  We all need entertainment. Here you will be able to read about what is on in town...
:: Travel & Tourism
  Travelling to/from Hyderabad, where to stay, transportation, tourist attractions in and around the twin cities...
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